Monday, 19 August 2013

Very Kirsty!

So one of my recent projects was a bit of a journey into the unknown for me! 
I decided that I wanted to wardrobe for the spare room in my house, mainly to tidy away some of the mess into it!  After perusing online, the cheapest wardrobe I could find was £140 and that was a self assembly one. 
So I bought myself a £50 second hand wardrobe which I bought on potential value i.e. the shelves inside would be great for storage.

As you can see it was not anything spectacular, in fact when I was looking at it,  I pulled one of the handles off! 

First thing I did was buy 2 new handles that had a bit more character than the old ones (and hopefully wouldn't come off in my hand!)
Then I decided to buy some fabric to line the shelves with.  I went with some PVC backed cotton so that I wouldn't have to treat the top of the fabric.  I had googled various websites giving tips on how to line shelves/drawers with fabric which talked about PVA or Mod Podge or even spray glue, but I didn't feel confident using these quite permanent methods.

I sanded the wardrobe with a mixture of hand power and electric sander, and I have to say it was much harder work than I thought it would be.

I got some Satinwood paint which is a medium sheen and something I've used before, I really dislike gloss paint even though it's more hard wearing.  I used Dulux Blue Diamond 5 which matched up with some of the cats from my fabric.

After painting I lined the shelves, drawers and floor of the wardrobe with the fabric and used a staple gun to fix it in, stapling near the edges.

Overall I'm really proud of how this 'up cycling' project turned out.  I'm hoping to do a set of drawers and shelves in the same colour although the prospect of sanding is slightly putting me off! 

Also, even with all the paint, sandpaper etc, this still came to less than £140 for something that is much more unique.

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